Sunday, 23 June 2013

Bored Yet?

I have often been taught that the way to improve is to keep up the Practice, so I have been doing this every day this week.  I dont manage a face a day as I do have other things going on in life, and especially with backgrounds and some underpainting there is drying times.
These are the faces I have done this week. Again they are with oil pastel which I just adore to work with.  I do still feel my faces are a bit 'flat' and need more dimension to them, so more practice is still needed - probably a lifetimes worth LOL - but still, I enjoy doing it.
I have ordered an A3 display book so I have somewhere to put them and to log my progress, funny thing as some days I think 'thats great' then the next day I seem to go backwards again?  Today I have been working on a cover for my new book (I say today, was yesterday too), also running out of some of my pastel colours, so I have invested in some new ones of the more expensive and professional brands, only 4 sticks but its a start, wonder how they will affect my progress?
Here is my last one, finished her off yesterday...
I think she is a bit on the scary side, not sure what went wrong there.............


  1. Hi Lynda,
    Im new to your blog and just wanted to say how fab your faces are, so expressive. Also being nosy what does the name of your blog mean?
    Im just about to follow you too.

    Gill x

  2. Hi Gill
    Thank you, I have a way to go yet - but do enjoy what I do which is the main thing. I started the blog to advertise one of my Etsy shops, but then decided against it. My Trade name is 'SimJaTa'.
    The heading 'should' be my creative lifestyle, but it doesn't always come up that way.