Sunday, 30 June 2013

Heartsong Arts Academy, blog challenge 1

I would like to start by wishing my friends at Heartsong Arts Academy all the very best with their new venture.  You can read all about this exciting new group here

For the very first blog challenge it is Zoe's turn to choose a topic, and she has chosen the word 'Pride' this word is then taken to create a journal page - here are the details

Here is my page.  My first thoughts on the word 'Pride' immediatly spring to 'gay pride' as one of my closest friends is gay, and she has attended the gay pride marches and told me all about them, and the great people she meets when there.  This gave me the opportunity for bright rainbow colours, a full page rainbow and jazzed up clothes on my model (who was all in white).
I have a little 'Pride' piece in the left corner from a dictionary, and the 'Heartsong Arts' logo at the top.  A picture of my Lurcher Jaja, who is such a good boy he always makes me proud of him, he is a rescue dog but I adopted him at 14 weeks old, so he had no trauma in his life - just us.  At the bottom of the page is my departed and beautiful girl Tess, who went to Rainbow Bridge just before last Christmas, she made me proud most days as she was so timid but tried hard to be brave when she was with me.
In the writing I mentioned my latest rescue dog Custer, who at the time of doing the art work was NOT making me proud at all, but he did today he was a good boy today, so there is hope after all.

On Friday I did another 'face' she is even more scary than the rest, shame as the background of the  page was pretty good.  She got worse after that, as I then knocked all my paint water over her, this one was done with water soluable oil pastel (you see the problem with the spilt water?)

Please take a look at the Heartsong Arts challenge, and the blog hop with other entries, I'm off for a looksie now - I didn't look at the others earlier, wanted to be influence free.

Looksie here


  1. Great page,Lynda. Thanks for playing :)

  2. Thanks so much for playing along Lynda! I think your page is excellent, I love the way you wrote in the rainbow and the lady is fantastic! Also, the face you did is *wonderful*! The shading is so good and the background is gorgeous! xx

  3. All fun ladies. Thank you Zoe, you are too kind x

  4. I loved reading about your page! The girl is lovely and perhaps there are no accidents:)?!