Friday, 28 June 2013

Loving the Journal

Here is my first page in the new hand made journal.  Must say I have missed playing in the journal and I do enjoy it.  As much as I would like to say I painted this face it is a paint over, so is the first girl (magazine cut outs with paint added) but I do enjoy having some help, it helps me with the shading at the shaping of the features, Not so sure the hair is as great as I could be but is certainly fun hair.
I did this one with oil pastel and paint yesterday - I have stopped 'trying' to get realistic, and tried to just enjoy the process - I have to stop trying to hard as it really does not help me.
See, she is certainly a bit more fun.  I also had a try with soft pastels - it was an 'experience' but not one for me I dont think.
Whilst shopping today I purchased some great fashion magazines with the most interesting faces, ideal for painting over and learning - look forward to starting with them.  I do have another face on the board too, the charcoal is just setting on that one, might get to it tonight, might not? depends on how it goes, have some family stuff to do, and a shed load of housework ready for the onslaught of invasion of inlaws tomorrow!!! 

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