Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Monday play

This was yesterday's play.  Total mixed media on blue card, I was trying to do a 'warm up' before 'trying' to do anything serious.  The warm up was better LOL.

I don't blog about all the pages I create, but I am now creating every day and usually found sketching in the evening, my pencil drawings are usually much better than the painted ones.

As for yesterday's Scary Face, it was certainly that - no idea what went wrong there, but not one of my better efforts at all, enjoyed the background though.
See? now that is scary.  I am preparing two backgrounds for the next scary ones, currently have pretty papers laid on them waiting for the medium to dry before adding some paint.  Also working on a journal page, that has all the collage parts drying too, and it is not the warmest of days today - my art room is normally a warm room, not today though, quite chilly in there.
I have also today created a beef curry to warm us all up, that is in the oven and will be getting turned on to cook slowly soon.

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