Saturday, 27 July 2013

Can I fix it?

This dreadful looking canvas has been festering in the kitchen for some time, as you see I have had a few failed attempts to fix it, and mentioned it in my last post here I had another look and wondered if I could try fix it with pastels? as this is my favourite medium to work with, so I had a go........... also used a few coloured pencils, I do think it is now improved.  Once I work out whether to set it or varnish it will be done.
I had managed the odd 'hour' in the art space, it was indeed the odd 'hour' too, yesterday and again today it is simply to hot to go anywhere near.  Here is a sketch I started ..

and then did some underpainting...
Hoping she stays so pretty when I get a chance to start with the pastels.  At the time of doing this I was in a great mind set, then that was turned.  I got a phone call on Thursday evening to tell me a friend of mine had passed away, I used to walk with him every day with our dogs for years - funny, you think people will be around for ever, such a shock when they are not, I only spoke to him a couple of weeks back.
I really hate self-pity, but that does seem to be what I am doing.  I am feeling quite low, not helped by the blessed heat - is meant to be raining here soon today, no sign of it yet - but as always in the UK its extremes of weather, down south (London area and further) are expecting an awful lot of rain in a short time, which can cause flooding - going to spoil the weekend for many, so what right do I have to feel sorry for myself? none at all.


  1. Lovely portrait, massively improved, Lynda - looks ever so good x

  2. Thanks Julie, still not 'quite' in your league (one day..) but better indeed. I just tried some men portraits, oh dear me they did not go so well. One the face was good but looked nothing like who he was meant to be, the other was just awful - must depend on state of mind and conditions, or at least it does with me it seems.

  3. Wow, what an improvement to your canvas Lynda - looks lovely.

    So sorry to hear about your friend, such sad news.

    Dawn x