Wednesday, 3 July 2013

What's On Your Work Desk? Wednesday 213

Hello to blog readers and my new friends at WOYWW.  My work desk doesnt look much better than it did last week I'm afraid, just did not get around to any tidying.  Today's disaster you can see is my working on a new journal page, with some collage pieces and added sketches.  I am loving my art journal, it is taking the pressure of the scary faces for a while - this fun thing is highly recommended. The other desk contains the freshly gesso'd page, with some stenciled dylusions to start off the background
My next blog post will be the finished page, takes me a few days though for layers to dry - I learnt how to make my pens work, which is to add a layer of matt medium to everything, then let it dry WELL, so usually leave it a full day to dry, then I can add lots of pen work and doodles.

Not sure if this counts or not, but 'next to my work desk' can be found this....
This is Custer the wayward rescue Labrador, who has been with us for six weeks on Friday, he takes up an awful lot of my time as he needs a lot of training, and despite the fact he is nearly 17 months old he cant have too much exercise at once as he is not used to any, so has to have little and often, this is a bit time consuming, but necessary in the home that one day we might have a 'nice' dog, at the moment he has no manners at all, and has a lot to learn.
Right, off to have a look at the rest of the work desks throughout my day - you can find them, and join in if you wish too here  last time I looked there was 93 entries to view, what a lot of desks.


  1. Lovely workdesk and intriguing journal page. Yes I have found that also, my pens wouldn't work at firste either, but coating the underground before pen work,does seem to do the trick.
    Happy WOYWW and I wish you a lovely week.
    xx Monique #74

  2. It's all looking great! Thanks for stopping by and liking the very green fridge! So glad you're gaining so much pleasure from art journalling. Custer may be a bit of a handful at the moment, but he looks adorable and I bet he becomes the best behaved dog ever! Julie Ann x #54

  3. Your rescued pup looks very content with his lot, and I hope he responds well to the training. I admire you even trying to do faces, that is definitely not my forte (not sure what is, really). Thank you for your visit today and I do hope the rain stays away until everything is finished. Have a good week. xx Maggie #3

  4. Glad you are enjoying your journaling, I find gesso doesn't work well with me, perhaps I just don't like getting messy - LOL. Sorry I'm a bit late replying but my son had his drum exam this morning, glad that is over now. Thanks for stopping by this week BJ#13

  5. Hello and I am looking forward to seeing your finished page. Loved seeing Custer hope he is beginning to respond to your training :-)
    Thank you for visiting me. Happy WOYWW Anne x #65

  6. You sound as though you are really enjoying your journalling and I had to laugh at your pup. You look as though you have worn him out good and proper. I'm sure he'll learn some good manners in time.
    Hugs Liasx #72

  7. Your journal page looks like fun and I will be looking to see how that gessoed page turns out. Your doggy looks quite contented there but I bet it will take a while for him to get good manners.
    Have a great week.
    Von #14, thanks for visiting already.

  8. That looks very interesting those pages. :-) I am sure with love and patience the bad dog will turn out just fine and your best friend :-D
    Happy WOYWW

    IKE x #30

  9. Oh you are good to be training the is a devoted and difficult job. And so not the poor dog's fault. Funny what we are drawn to as crafters. The journal thing fills me with horror - blank page syndrome - yet a piece of plain scrapbook paper speaks clearly to me. Nuts.

  10. Intrigued to see how your journal pages will turn out, looking good so far! Custer = cute! x
    Me. Number 84. LOL x

  11. Were did my earlier reply go? how odd.
    Thank you all for dropping by and commenting, much appreciated.

    Hi Zoe, must visit you - not quite managed everyone yet. Photo'd the journal page, though not sure if I can post, had better days today and it all got journalled out.

  12. your journal pages are coming on and it is great that you can just get stuck in and enjoy what you are doing. Love the colour. I hope your dog learns all his lessons and settles to be a great member of your family
    Happy WOYWW enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #52

  13. Lovely journal page coming on there, Lynda - Dylusions are great, aren't they. And where would we be without gesso?

    Thanks for your lovely comment. I've had loads of similar encouragement from people, which only goes to bear out the only 1 in 10 having cancer statistic. I'm trying to keep positive and hope for the best! Glad you like my new ARThaven as it takes shape. More work done on it today, and I'll be posting about that tomorrow. Meantime, I've done a post about what's happened in the rest of the house since our last visit, and an update on my preliminary appt. at the hospital this a.m.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #91

  14. Hi Lynda! Thank you for visiting me. I am a little late as our satelite internet went out. I use to have a problem WAITING for the gel medium to dry, which accounts for a pile of messed up pages :) Love the new pup! I'm sure Custer will make a wonderful addition to the family even though his manners may never be perfect. That's what I say about my dog who is 3 and I work with her all the time (but she's a hound). Have a wonderful 4th! Rasz #125

  15. Hi what a busy desk this week. the journal page is looking interesting.
    watching the tennis has made me late this week go andy!
    janet #31

  16. Thank you for the tip about pens on journal pages, sometimes they gunk up when they pick up paint from the page. Love your dog, we have a lab who came from lab rescue. He is a nightmare and we got chucked out of training school, but we love him all the same!
    Thank you for visiting.
    Karen #55

  17. Love your busy work space and great background on the journal pages.