Monday, 22 July 2013

Thank you - Heartsong Arts Academy

Here are my Deco Art paints, as my prize from the 'Heartsong Arts Academy' recent challenge.  I did choose my colours as most of my art is faces had to be portrait colours.  Of course painting is not really my strong point, I do much better with pencil or pastel, but as I won the paints thought I would have another go at painting a face.
You see, painting really is not my strong point - I fought the urge to use pastel over the top, I did do a tiny bit of pencil detail though.  But, it did give me the chance to see clearer what I was not happy with, namely the features.  The placement is good, the shape however is not, the eyes are not the right shape, the nose is not sticking out as it should (too flat) and the lips are awful.  Okay, I am not really going for realism but stylized, but I still want my faces to look - right, or at least right to me, something I am happy with.
So, I have been working on some different styles - in the 'very' short time I have in the art room, which is like a small furnace in the heat, despite my dedication it is still hard to paint/journal or much else in 30 degree's, well it is for me anyway.  The lack of sleep is not helping either.

BUT - good news, it is looking like our heatwave will shortly be at an end, hurray!!!

Oh, and more good news.... my husband has been working his 3 month notice period, and as of next week was due to be joining the ranks of the unemployed, which has been a constant worry.  Anyway, he had an interview for a contract today and got the job, its only a short term contract in the first instance, but can be extended and 'can' even lead to a permanant job.

So happier times ahead:)


  1. Great news Lynda about your husband's job and also your lovely new paints - very jealous!!

    And don't be to hard on yourself - I think your faces are lovely. If I tried to paint a face, it wouldn't even look like a face!!

    Dawn x

  2. LOL, thanks Dawn - I have a folder full of 'scary faces' it helps me some days to see there is 'some' progress there if only a little.