Friday, 19 July 2013

Heartsong Arts Academy Challenge 3

Here is my Challenge for this week, details can be found here  It looked much better on my desk, just shows the heat is really getting to me.  My first music love like many of my generation was Donny Osmond, and my fave song back then was of course 'Puppy Love' what else? so I added my latest Puppy Dog, Custer to the page.

I also did another face this week, tried some underpainting first 
Not done much else this week, its just too hot now in my art room, I dont have a thermometre in there but as its now 80 degree's in my bedroom it will be the same if not hotter in there.  Not the best of days today either, arrived home about 2pm to find the courier had delivered my new brake pads which was great, BUT the idiot had shut the faulty porch door with no handle and locked me out of the house - my neighbour who had the other half of the door handle was out, so I had to phone the husband to come home from work to break in, while he was on his way home the neighbour returned and got me in.  Not the best of days to be shut outside in the searing heat.
I'm told we have another week of this weather, counting the days and hoping it will break then, sorry to those who enjoy it but I have had enough now of miserable hot dogs, early mornings and no sleep - not to mention no art which is the worst part.
Oh, nearly forgot............ I finished off the above face with my oil pastels though, just...
My new Art Deco paints have arrived, but its been too hot for me to finish off the piece I started with them, once I can get in the hot room again I will do so.

Stay Cool!!


  1. What beautiful eyes Lynda!

    I'm hoping to join in one of the challenges soon :)

  2. Yeah, thats great Dawn. Thank you x