Sunday, 14 July 2013

Too Hot Now!

Well, thats it now - just too hot.  The art room is out of bounds, even with the door open and the fan on I cant stay in it for longer than an hour and thats a struggle.  So, above is the only thing I have managed in the last few days, a very quick face all in oil pastel, on the mixed media background I had already created.
Fed up as I am, I investigated the long term weather forecast and looking like there is no end to this heat for at least another three weeks, I do hope they have it wrong.  Yes, I am sure its all very nice if you like the sun, and have nothing else to do but sit and enjoy, but I hate sitting and its the house heat that is doing for me, and the dogs - who are also suffering quite badly now.
I also loose my evenings too, I used to sketch in the evening - now I am out dog walking as its been too hot the rest of the time, and even then its not ideal.. but the poor things have to get out of here and find a breeze somewhere for a while.

I have been reduced to doing 'housework' already this weekend, I can see this weeks WOYWW being a clean desk and little else if this keeps up!

On a lighter note, the dog training is going a bit better, okay its a very slow process but here is one of my favourite pictures of the week of Custer managing a great recall after playing with some other dogs..
Hope everyone is surviving the heatwave, wont be long before its hosepipe ban time LOL, surely not after all that flooding? but I know our dog walks are getting quite barren now, not seen resevoir's but imagine they will be lowering.

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