Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Terrific Tuesday

Sure they are improving? here is a quick face I did yesterday with oil pastels only, no first pencil sketch or under paint.  It is a titchy bit cooler in the downstairs area of the house, so I can now spend some time in my art room which is fabulous, that makes me happy.
The other thing making me happy is I won the canvas competition at Heartsong Academy, how cool is that? so soon I will have some super new Deco Art paints to play with, hurray!
Finally after some time of hurling himself to the floor each day and refusing to budge, the wayward rescue Labrador agreed to go for a walk today, so we got to the park for the first time, such a sense of achievement for us both - he has been with OH but refused to go anywhere with me, hopefully we are now moving forward, at last.

Just to add a picture this is my last art journal page, not very attractive to say the least, but I was working through some issues, there was a lot of writing underneath that lot - really does help to put things in perspective and move forward.
I have some things on my desk drying out just now.  My next art journal page is going to be this weeks Heartsong Academy challenge you can read more about it here http://heartsongartsacademy.com/challenge-blog/2013/7/13/week-3-who-was-your-first  my topic I think will have to be Donny Osmand, see if I can find some pics to use on my page.

Hope everyone is staying pleasantly cool, I think we are luckier in the North than those in the South of the UK - just hope it stays that way, bit better for the dogs in here today too.