Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Somebody told me today I was an inspiration to them, imagine that? not something I have been told before, so I am thrilled - made my day.  Just one picture today, one of my new style faces trying to improve those features a bit.  The face is oil pastel, the background neocrayons.

So, for my inspiration and learning.  My story started with my wanting to learn to draw, after reading somewhere on the web that this was possible.  I then went on (and still do) spend a lot of time on youtube.  I do have zillions of art books but learn more from watching than reading.  My first tutor was Shoo Rayner the childrens author and illustrator, Shoo is wonderful a great teacher and a nice person too - his channel is here http://www.youtube.com/user/ShooRaynerDrawing Another one I watch a lot, and is also a great tutor is Kazanjianm he calls it the unspellable channel, not sure I can pronounce it let alone spell it - but a very talented artist and great teacher.

Then I discovered Art Journalling, like many this practice was just made for me - it can be like a personal diary, somewhere to let out best hidden feelings, or just to practice and do what you wish - a place were perfection is not necessary, anything goes and if one day you just wish to fling paint around then so be it, so what? who is watching?
My first art journal group was 'Book of Days' with Effy Wilde, I learn a lot in the 12 months I spent here, not sure if Effy still does a free group for 'Book of Days' but I think she does still do some free classes and has great videos here Effy Wilde .

Another of my favourite art journallers, and all round artists is Jennibellie I follow her channel, her blog and her facebook group.  I also purchased her 'Zine' on faces which was very helpful.  Jennibellie has many followers, plenty of youtube video's to watch too, well worth a look (you might need a good few hours of free time though)

Andrea Gomoll is who I learnt about shading faces from, and from one of her video's how to use oil pastels and gelato's.  The faces class's I took from Andrea were amazing, another wonderful tutor and exceptional person.

Last but by no means least is Christy Sobolewski who's 30 pages in 90 days course was the best art journal course I have ever taken, worth every penny and more.  Fantastic tutor, and a wealth of journal experience, there will soon be a new course by Christy I cant wait for that one, just hope I have enough saved in time.

Well, I am sure that is enough inspirational help to be going on with.  Dont forget I did these classes and videos over 2.5 years, and the best piece of advice I ever got is from Shoo Rayner 'Practice, Practice, Practice' and its true, if like me you are not lucky enough to have a natural artistic talent you have to work hard at it, I have been doing for all this time, and no doubt will have to do the same for another few years yet to become close to as good as I would like.

There are plenty of teachers out there, who give up their time and share their experiences for free - its a matter of finding them and discovering who is the best one for you.

I have had a great journey so far, and hope to enjoy much more in the future.  But, art supplies are not free and I am struggling to afford all I would like (such as some professional oil pastels), so anyone out there wanting to take pity on me, please do visit my Etsy Shop - its still there, and sales are needed to support a starving wannabe artist (ok, starved of art supplies).


  1. Love the blue hair!

    Thanks so much for sharing the resources which you found so helpful. It can be overwhelming knowing where to start so this is a brilliant starting point :)

    Dawn x

  2. Hope it helps Dawn, should keep you busy for a while that lot:)

  3. Thanks so much for the kind visit today! She is so lovely, and love her expression. I will watch the links this weekend, as my drawing is not good, but I really don't try or practice. But when I do paint or draw for "me", I have a blast. Thank you!! winnie#82

  4. Glad to help someone else, hope you have fun Winnie.

    I am working on quite a good piece for me, worked well due to my state of mind being better during the sketch - just shows how 'life' can influence.

  5. We've just started drawing faces and are inspired by your faces. We've just subscribed to your blog posts amd will now check out your links. Thank you.

  6. Hope it was helpful to Humphrey bear:)