Friday, 5 July 2013

Since Wednesday ...

Since Wednesday I have... finished off the journal page I showed on my desk on my last blog post for WOYWW.  Didnt go as well as I had hoped as life got in the way, and with it brought back anxiety attacks etc, so been struggling a bit, it does help to art it out so that is what I have tried to do.  

While layers were drying I picked up my Portfolio oil pastels and did this one..
..and today I tried a larger one on one of the mixed media backgrounds I had done on A3 card.  I am calling this my 'not quite' face, as parts of it are quite good, but the placements are not right so it really does look like a 'not quite' face, LOL. I have to keep telling myself they are much better than they were 18 months back, and everyone has to start somewhere.  Only the very lucky have the natural talent, the rest of us have to work very hard at it.  So, here is my 'not quite' face...
Hope everyone in the UK is enjoying the warm weather - sadly I am not the biggest fan, seems as I have got older it does me no favours health wise at all, but so far its cool (ish) in the house so thats ok, though I am going to have to take the nuicance dog out for 5 mins, its too hot for him so will only be 5 mins.  We took them on the beach last night at 8.30pm which was a successful walk, and nice and cool for us all.

Not sure there will be too much art done over the weekend, I have family to visit tomorrow, and puppy class is Sunday, and a shopping trip to the Organic Farm - puppy class usually does for me too.


  1. Love the paintings - you definitely have your own style - and the eyes are fantastic - they draw you to them, quite hypnotic. Brilliant stuff x

  2. Wow... your creations are fantastic! Love the beautiful colors and your fabulous drawing. Thank you for sharing. :)

  3. Thank you for taking the time to comment, much appreciated x

  4. I so envy those who can draw. Your sense of color is amazing! Thanks for visiting my blog for WOYWW. #27