Monday, 29 July 2013

Can you tell who it is?

This is the finished face from the sketch and underpaint I showed you in my last blog post.  I quite like her, she seems a bit of a dreamy girl.

With all the hot weather and lack of art I finally got organised and sorted out my A3 sketch paper so I can use it in another room, ie making it more portable.  Due to neck problems I do find it easier to do most of my work at an easel or drawing board.  So, had to try find a way to sit with an A3 paper on an upright board, not ideal as I still find myself leaning which causes the pain.  But, I do manage to get a couple a day done, so I can then give them colour.  This week I started on a couple of famous faces, well I know who they are, but OH didnt... see if you do..  First is.............
She didnt look as good when given colour, will show you next time, still gives me the experience, I think I could do with a tutor to help me with the oil pastels, or maybe it will get better with practice, lets hope so.

next I did this one, who actually looks like two famous people (or at least I think so)

I had a go at a couple of men too, that was funny - deffo more practice needed there, one was a good face as it goes but looked nothing like who it was meant to be, the other was just awful.. think I was getting tired then.  Both give me colour practice though, so might show those next time.

Its a tiny bit cooler today, on occasion.  Was hot when I did my second dog walk, but has rained a bit since then, not much I hasten to add.  The forecast is called 'changable' for the near future, which means some rain but they are not sure how much, were or when.


  1. Michelle Pfeiffer and Cher??

    Hope you manage to find a comfortable position to sketch in.

    Dawn x

  2. I'm still visiting from WOYWW 2 weeks ago:)

    Love seeing this sketch and final painting. I see Cher and maybe Shelly Long.

    Enjoy your week!

  3. LOL, well thank you - at least my Cher looked like Cher, sadly she doesnt now I coloured her .
    Actually Dawn, she does look at bit like Michelle Pfeiffer, but thats not it, nor Shelly Long thanks Leann .

  4. I think Cher doesn't really look like Cher now that she has had all the plastic surgery...a mere ghost of the vibrant person she used to be. Love the drawings. I can't draw a straight line so I am always envious of those who can! Vickie