Thursday, 11 July 2013

Queen of Procrastination and Journal Page

Always good fun to do a journal background, clears the mind.  There was an awful lot of ranting here before getting to the point.  Were I decided ranting, and feeling sorry for myself was a tad futile, and the best thing to do in the situation I am in is move on!  One of my Facebook Contacts had put this on her page today, PERFECT..
Life is Too short to Stress Yourself
With People who dont even deserve
to be an issue in your life.

I'm afraid even if this person might be a family member, sometimes this is a choice that is necessary to make. As sometimes it does not matter how you try, one too many virtual 'slaps in the face' are just too many and enough is enough.  So, this week makes a new beginning for me.  Here is my finished page...
Yes, I am procrastinating too, I should be finishing my canvas for Heartsongs Academy, I will do that next, its a canvas and making me nervous.  Also trying to remember to photograph the process as I go, I have a tendency to forget.
Before I go today, I must thank two of my readers from yesterday who picked up on my rantings about the heat, and more so the lack of sleep.  A huge thank you too 'Maggie' and 'Annette' for their suggestions yesterday on how to keep cool at night, I managed a few hours sleep last night which is better than the last 4 nights, making me feel so much better, I just posted my Custom Order and shared with the lady in the Post Office too, so she is also grateful.

Not sure if its just me, but seems much better today, its sunny and warm but does not seem to be the same humidity as there has been.  Rumor has it, its going to change again next week and back to our usual British Weather of rain and wind.


  1. Love the journal Lynda and great you got more sleep. I've been struggling too!

  2. Thanks Dawn, nice of you to drop by. x