Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Last of the Winter Girls

I have now finished the Winter Girls course, cant tell you just how much fun I have had, and how much I have learnt without even realising it - thats how good it is.  The above Elf is on canvas - now that is brave for me, loved so much it is even varnished too, still not quite sure what I will do with it, though I have had cards printed with this one and my snow queen to send out this year.  Both of these I did in my art journal first and then repeated, this one I just finished today
Not only have I learnt so much, but also built up a bit more confidence, almost enough to finally call myself an 'artist' and start work on an 'artist statement' ready for next year - selling would be great, but my first aim is to try be selected for our local group exhibition, I think that is July.  So, I have made a confident start with this large canvas, it is actually recycled as it was something OH got as a free gift, he got a set of 3 large canvas - "What on Earth am I going to do with these" he exclaimed, well that was easy...........
Here is my first 'Work in Progress' its to be a collage piece and mixed media - looks quite good like this really, but this is just the first couple of layers.
I have also ordered 2 cheap watercolour books to use as journals, to lay out some more ideas in - just not enough hours in the day, I have always loved 'trees' so going to practice painting and collage some.  I think with a few 'situations' this year I lost my enthusiasm for art a bit too, but now its back - hoping it will stick around.

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