Monday, 9 December 2013

New Journal first page, and a songbird

I think my new beginnings are bringing a new lot of colour too.  I just finished this page today, but I did start it a couple of days back, one of the things I am learning is to take more time.  Also that if I am getting more serious I need better paints, so they are on the way - was a struggle to decide which to get, but I researched and found that as the research said 'if they were good enough for Andy Wahol then they are good enough for me' and I got a good bargain.  So, the new 'professional' paints will be for the canvas, I can still use all my others in my journals and course works.
Please do ignore my 'Please Can I be an Artist' words, as in my last post I was already given permission for that from my lovely blog ready 'Rasz' (thank you Rasz xx)
Here is a pretty little face I did while my journal layers were drying.  I quite like her - she is called 'songbird' as she has a song on her shoulder (better than a chip).

I am feeling quite happy in my little art world just now, as finally getting some support from family members - downside is a it is coming with pressure to try to sell, which I am NOT ready for yet, its nice they think I am good enough, but I dont............ not yet anyway.

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