Friday, 13 December 2013

That Canvas

Well, its finally finished and has two coats of fixative on so far.  Due to the lack of much natural light these days, or a dry wind free day the photo is not so good, but you get the idea.  The Canvas size is 3', I think I need a stool as I did stand to do it all.  Its mostly collage and mixed media, and called 'There's a Song in my Heart'

All I need now is some free time to get on with more of the things I would like to be doing, or should I say 'Prefer' to be doing.  Life is getting in the way this week, just not enough chunks of time, I might have the odd hour but I am unable to create in that, greedy as this may seem I really need a few spare hours please.  Maybe weekend will be better, we'll see.

I cleaned off the last of the paint from the canvas on my journal page, and finished that off today, decided I wanted to draw a dragon, so that is what I did.

Other news - I am closing my Etsy shop on Monday until the new year when I hope it will be restocked with new things, and a big sale for the bags - if they dont go this time they will be off to the charity shop. Such a shame as so much effort went into each one, but like many things - either too many on the market now, or the 'cheaper' high street shops can sell them so much cheaper, even though they are poor quality and all the same there.  Of course I prefer to concentrate on my art, but need to fund that somehow - though I do think Santa is going to help me with that quite a bit.

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