Saturday, 7 December 2013

New Beginnings

Yes, I know - new beginnings should really start in the new year, or at the very least the start of a new season maybe? not really on the 7th December 2013, but rules are made to be broken in the art world surely?
This is my new journal - its a great size 15" x 10" with just 18 sheets of watercolour paper.  I like journals to look like 'my' thing immediatly so this one had barely hit the doormat yesterday and I had started with paper, paint and ink.  The girl was a practice for the canvas I started - decided against the lace as it may not stay put so well and my hat drawings really do need a bit more practice - but as usual I have enjoyed the process.  As a result of my new founded enthusiasm and my new wonderful Art Journal, I have started a new board on 'Pinterest' for Art Journal pages, both mine and ones I love on there.
I have done a bit more on that 'Work in Progress' Canvas, not so much as I got nervous again and wanted to plan it out more - yes I know, I should have the confidence and just 'go for it' there is always another.
Still feeling I can 'almost' add artist to my name - most wonderful achievement happened today. I took a couple of the cards I had printed of my work to show a family member who rarely has a good word to say about anything I do, ready to get used to the critisism and negativity I had come to expect.... but NO!  She said I should find somewhere to start selling! wow!  I explained my first plan is to exhibit and take it from there really.  Meanwhile I have also had a new idea on how to fund myself a bit, so another new project will be starting soon for the Etsy shop, as paint is not cheap and supplies are not free - but I wont say anything more on that one till its done and I can show it.  I have decided I really do not want to sew anymore, so my 'Bags of Swank' bags will all be in a New Year sale to try rehome the stock, and let me get on with real new beginnings at the 'right' time of the year.


  1. Did my comment come through?

  2. Oops. My original comment was Ms. Artist Lynda, while I was painting with my son's five year old step-daughter watching her create all kinds of pictures and letters, I remind her all the time that she is an artist. I don't think anyone ever told us (or me) that creating art is done by an artist. Big hugs my friend since every time you create anything, you create art. And when you create art, you ARE an artist!!!! So hang on because IT really IS new beginnings for you and everyone your art touches!!! You inspire me so much. I'm starting new beginnings too, right now, because any day is the right day!!!

  3. Thank you so much Rasz, thats lovely. I hope your new beginnings are a HUGE success and that you stay well xx