Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Like Buses

You see, I dont blog for weeks then you get two at once!  I am busy catching up, so if I dont show them now I will forget.  Above is with the influence of 'Art Geeks' that I joined this week, so it does have a Christy influence after watching the video.  Not like me not to do a face on a page, but the prompt was to use something you love and I always like that image on a napkin I had so started out with that.  Too many circles? I am a bit addicted to them just now, must tone down.
This one is on the page I started yesterday, I outlined the face last night and finished off today, I did not want too much shading as wanted to still see the background through.  I am practicing for the next canvas, having finished my first two off it will soon be time to begin again.  First one is now all varnished so will give that a whirl in the Etsy shop later this week or beginning of next.
Last of all is this weeks 'Lifebook 2014' lesson, this week was a bonus lesson with Marieke Blokland, I enjoyed the lesson though again I think I have gone way too bright and busy, need to learn to tone down a bit, still I do like her dress.

I have a new book to read tonight, "Acrylic Solutions" by Chris Cozen and Julie Prichard, it was recommended to me by Stephanie from Two Raggy Doodles  I am really looking forward to reading it. All about mixed media techniques so I might learn a bit more, hopefully how to 'tone down' a bit.


  1. Bright is your style! I don't think you need to tone it down at all. I mean, you could if it pleases you more, but don't think you need to change it for any other reason!

    What is Art Geeks? Sounds interesting!

  2. Thanks Iris. Art Geeks is great, I have sent you a link to take a look.