Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The last lot of Bags for SALE!!!

Hopefully my very last post about bags!  I have now listed (or draft listed) the last of the bags in my Etsy Shop sale.  Part of me actually feels sad to see them go, like the above patchwork bag I was so proud of at the time, it took me an eternity to make and design, the back has embroidery and a beaded garden too.

Above is another I really enjoyed making and took me quite some time.  I do hope they find new loving homes to go to.  I find it very interesting which of my bags go quickest, never seem to be my favourite ones, which is very much like our artworks that we find poor and others enjoy - just shows how different we all are.
Some of the bags I liked the most were the ones made up of the Lavender Fabrics..
I love lavender, both the look and the aroma, sadly it does not like me so much and does tend to give me a headache, I thought bags were the perfect solution to others that are perhaps like me.  I still have four (all different) waiting for homes in my shop just shows you never can tell.
Also are the backpacks, these are all lighter weight and ideal for when out walking in the current UK weather, lets face it you can never be sure when it just 'might' rain - a raincoat rolls up nicely in here, in my case so does a water dish and a bottle of water, plastic bags and the odd tennis ball, whilst still having your hands free to supervise children or dogs.
Whilst sorting out photographs and listings I found my sales figures and I have actually sold 70 items on Etsy now - not a bad figure when you think I really do not do anywhere near enough work to promote my shop each day, I also had not looked at my feedback - what lovely customers I have had leaving such wonderful words.
Please do take a look at these lovely bags - once they are gone that is it, there will not be anymore, my next huge feat will be to start selling off the mountain of fabric I have.  All this is to try fund my art works, as good paints and brushes do not come cheap.

Just incase anyone missed it here is the link to MY SHOP  (I know, but it is most likely the last time I will be doing this, making the most of it)


  1. These are gorgeous!! They look like they would've taken such a long time to make. I also always find it interesting to see what appeals to people. I'm always so surprised when people have such an emotional reaction to art pieces of mine that I really didn't like very much myself.

  2. Thanks Iris, yes at my pace they did take a very long time to make. Even when I was selling at full price it didnt pay for my time, no way could I charge an hourly rate, I had hoped to get quicker which I did compared to when I started off but still not enough. Happy to say many of the bags are finding new homes now.