Thursday, 24 July 2014

Too hot for art?

It has taken me days to achieve this one.  Heavy Weight watercolour paper with an abundance of collage and paint.  I did enjoy this, and for once was happy with the results.

Its soooooo hot in the UK just now though.  We are simply not prepared for it - let alone used to it, and the humidity some days is in the 90's.  I went food shopping today, something I usually hate, I was in there for nearly 2 hours as it is the only place with air conditioning, total bliss.  The hot weather causes a real battle of opinions too, those who love it call those of us who dont 'killjoys' and 'miseries' which I find very unkind, we cannot all enjoy the same things, can we?
My theory is that due to us all having such different metabolisms we react to extreme heat in different ways, so there are some who love it and it makes them and their body feel good, while others really cannot stand it and it makes them feel rotten. I am in the latter section, and maybe also being a 'woman of a certain age' does not help matters either.
So, as usual till this weather stops there will not be a great deal of art (or much else) happening here.  The forecast does say it will break on Sunday, but not for how long.

Those who follow me on instagram will have seen the stages (@simjata) but here it is finally finished off.
The face was a sketch from my sketchbook, which I should have covered in clear gesso first and it would have taken the paint better, but I forgot as usual.  As collage goes I am happy with this one and hope to do more in the future.

Once it cools down a bit:)


  1. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! The background is amazing, and I really like the shading on the face.

    I'm not exactly suffering with the heat, but I work from home so that makes a big difference. I'd hate to commute in this weather on public transport or have to get into a car or stuff like that. We had dinner in the park tonight because the living room was too hot!

  2. Psst Lynda, when are you going to take the 'trainee' bit off your profile? =p

  3. Been in South Florida for 1 week and enduring the heat and humidity so I can totally relate to you! I prefer cool, mountain air and look forward to getting back home. :) Hopefully, you don't have the swarms of mosquitoes like here, too!! Hope it cools off for you soon. Love the girl and background! :)

  4. Thank you so much Iris, I was totally doubting myself with this one. LOL, I may well be a trainee for a long time yet, I have green 'L' plates on my car for a year after passing my test too. Thanks to lovingroad too, Florida is good at least they do have a lot of air conditioning there, we do not. No, we do not suffer from too many insect problems either, just flies. It was meant to be cooler today, started off well but has hotted up a bit now later in the day.

  5. Love your collages and your girl, Lynda.