Thursday, 6 November 2014

Introducing my very first art print

I am very excited as I have just added my VERY first print to my Etsy shop.  Hopefully the first of many, it is a bit like a dream come true.  (you can see my Etsy shop here on the right of the page, the link will take you there).

I am having a lot of fun with flowers of late, even started trying some 'real' ones as well as the abstract idea.  Also got a new line of paintings going on too, which 'when' I manage a collective name for them I will show off, enjoying the painting side but the naming bit can get a bit tricky.

Here is my first painting of 'real' flowers, I might add this to my shop as a print next week.


  1. Hey Lynda, just wanted to check in with you and see how you're doing? Have you read any more in The Power Of Now? How are you finding it? I think I'm going to have a browse through it again soon. One of the things that always stayed with me from my previous reading was how to deal with situations you don't enjoy: extract yourself, change the situation or if neither of those are possible: fully accept it. Very powerful advice.

    Congrats on your first Etsy listing! I really like your flowers. Can't wait to see your new series of paintings. I really enjoy all the stuff you're painting!

  2. Thanks Iris, nice to see you back. I read all 'The Power of Now' and am now reading another of Eckhart's books, they are so inspiring but not the easiest to digest first time round I think. I think I need to read through again as I am still struggling.

    I am enjoying doing my first prints and soon to be listing my series of paintings, just arrived to blog about them now. Loving your new styles too.