Monday, 3 November 2014

Welcome November Art

Another thing I got from my recent Obsessions course with Gulfsprite was the inspiration to do MORE art.  Above is my first page in my 'new' journal I made from just a supplies magazine, I could hardly wait to start in it.  My goal though is to finish it, not get fed up half way through and start another, but to actually complete one.  The inspiration for the above painting was from watching one of Christy (at Gulfsprite) art journal flip through's, were I found doing three faces on one page very challenging but fun too, this did take me the best part of the day to complete, I even finished off by using fixative on it, and intend to coat it too tomorrow.
I still haven't lost the abstract flowers addiction either - I am now numbering them, this one is abstract flowers 6.
..and this one is number 7.  I really should print off an actual bouquet instead of just going from my imagination, sure I could do better that way.  But maybe not so much fun.  I may run off this one as a print for my Etsy shop, but not sure still which to choose from.  Still not added any prints, but a step closer.  I did add my first Christmas tote bag to the Etsy shop today, last of the one's I made and on sale like the others, and my warm bright scarves too.  You can see my shop link on the top right of the page, please do take a look.

Thanks for reading.

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