Saturday, 1 November 2014

Revamping the art journal page

Ever had one of those pages that really just didn't do it? me too....
I did this for the front cover of a new journal made from part of a magazine, the idea was good but what went on paper was not quite what was in my head at the time.  So this was perfect for my latest Obsessions lesson with Gulfsprite I went back in to revamp the page, give it a look I was happier with, here it is half way through.
At the same time I learnt a few new (to me) techniques for improving the faces I paint.  The finished page of my new journal now looks like this..
I like it much better now.  I might just varnish it too as I have the other one, then it will stay cleaner when I use the rest of the journal.  During this wonderful course I also learnt how to work on more than one thing at a time, whilst letting things have longer to dry (this helps a lot with the layers), so at the same time I did this one... from this......
which is an idea for a painting I still cannot quite master.  But I battled on and turned it into this..
Still not quite what I had hoped but its finished now, I think..............
No time today to do much art, being a Saturday its all about visiting family and their visitng us, so very little free time.  Also due to firework 'season' I have to feed the dogs early and get them out before dark - not looking forward to this weekend as our lurcher is very fearful of fireworks nearby and I just 'know' the neighbours will be letting them off again, thankfully the neighbours just do one night a year unlike the rest of the area.

Sympathies to others with fearful pets or others like myself who prefer their quiet lives.

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