Sunday, 23 November 2014

This weeks creativity

You may remember a 'very' long time ago I painted a clock for my Etsy shop.  I 'finally' managed another couple I am happy with.  Not that I havent done them for a while, I just was not happy with them, but happy with these two and they will be added to my shop this week.  I must point out as I will on the listing, the houses are not my own art work but created with a stencil from the lovely 'Tam' at ''.
Also finished Polly's 7a and 8.  Yes I know '7a' as 7 was just a very 'poor' Polly, she will remain in my file but I think she is better just staying in there, not every day is a good one.........ok............ here she is. but she will NOT be going up as a print.
See what I mean? not my best of days.  I have many idea's for variations of the 'Polly's' but this was not one of my better creations.
I also do a lot of practice in my magazine journal, this is one I was practicing painting techniques on yesterday.
.and to finish off today's blog, here are 'the boys' after today's beach walkies, although they were dried off they are feeling the cold today, and yes we do have a larger sofa they fit a lot better on.. but they choose this one..
Have a good week, and if you are in the UK keep warm - I have a feeling the cooler weather is on its way.

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