Friday, 15 January 2016

365 Faces, Day 6 - Day 11

So far so good, still doing the face a day and still busy learning a lot.
Day 6 (above) was also last weeks lesson with 'Gulfsprite' with her new 'Obsessions' Class - loving every minute of this and learning a lot.  All mixed media and finishing off with soft pastel shading.
I enjoyed the lesson so much I had another play with the pastels the next day in my journal.
This one was one of my own new techniques which did not turn out as well as I had hoped, but still good practice.
This was done using a mirror to try improve the shape of the features, I thought the nose and mouth were improved but still not the eyes, and in truth even my hair is not quite that messy, most of the time.
I think this is mostly acrylic paints with some soft pastel shading.
Lastly a quick sketch on a day were there was not so much available time.
Having a great time doing this, this week I have been learning more about colour pencil a medium I have always loved but never quite understood, I have ordered a new blender which has been recommended by Gulfsprite and a small set of portrait pencils, and blending fluid.  Very excited to use them, I have already started some pencil practice, not an expert yet but having fun learning.

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