Tuesday, 12 January 2016

365 Faces - New Year, new me

So, looking back it seems it is June 2015 since I last wrote a blog post.  Needless to say it was not the best of years and I am not sorry its now over.  I did very little in the way of art to speak of, but gradually started getting back into it and at last finding what I would like to do with my future.  In order for this dream to become a reality I have to work at it, I do not have a natural talent, having only started to teach myself to draw at all a few years ago and I am now in my 50th year.
I decided to set myself a challenge - I have been sharing this on my instagram account since the beginning of the year (@simjata) to draw/paint a face every day this year.  Other commitments mean I do not always find the time to paint each day.
But there is no excuse for not finding a few minutes to reach for a pencil if time is short.
Today I am making a start by sharing my first few days of the year - it is of course now day 12 so that gives me more to blog about too, so I can share on here and on my facebook page.
Some days I do more than one, and if I am happy with the attempt I will share that too, above is numbered 3a, as I did two on day 3.
As I can only put 6 pictures on per post I am sharing my first 5 days - my next post will be the next lot and so on.
Idea also being I get to blog once a week, which I 'should' manage to stick too (you would think).  I hope to improve each month, and my ambition is to be able to do portraits that might actually resemble who they are meant to be in time.  I have a book on hollywood actors which is great for beautiful faces, and also on on hairstyles which gives me a few models to practice with.  Thank you for reading, and those wonderful artists on instagram, thank you for all your encouragement.

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