Wednesday, 27 January 2016

365 faces personal challenge - day 12/17

Although I am behind on my blog updates, thankfully I am not behind on my challenge.  I am now on day 27 and still keeping up.  I do show daily on my instagram which is @simjata.
The problem with being behind is I forget the medium I used, I think above was watercolour and pencil.
I know this one (above) this is mixed media and taken from my classwork with  Gulfsprite Patreon. Loving this class, great value for money too, with a lengthy class each week and one bonus at the end of month. Learning a lot on this one.
Above looks again like watercolour and pencil, with pastel and water as background.  I am getting quite an addiction to the coloured pencils.
Looks like a mixed media piece.  I know it was done in my art journal as the green flecks are from a stencil I had cleared off on the page.
Lastly, looks again like watercolour and pencil - I am doing other medium now, but very taken with the pencil and also with soft pastel, just invested in new paper too so from today (day 27) there will be improved paper for each medium.

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