Friday, 29 January 2016

365 days of Faces Personal Challenge. Day 18 - 23

I really do need to keep up with these, its actually day 29 now and I am still a week behind.
Above (face 19) was a bit of fun in an Art Geeks lesson.  Drawn and coloured with markers, and a very tiny bit of pencil.
Above is mixed media and that weeks Obsessions lesson with Gulfsprite on Patreon.  There is even collage on this one.
Day 21 I do remember as I was sick this day, just had one of those 24 hour bug things, lucky for me I was better the next day so could continue.  I am proud though to keep going even when I dont feel like it, I am teaching myself a little discipline too.
This looks very much like colour pencil only, I am doing a lot of practice with this medium, not quite getting it yet but trying.
Day 23 another with just colour pencil.  I should catch up on my next post, when hopefully you will see an improvement.

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