Tuesday, 4 March 2014

29 Faces Challenge, last two

I have combined my last two faces with my watercolour class.  Loved this class, and sad its over, but I do intend to do so much more with watercolour in the future.
..also to teach myself how to include animals too, of course this poor elephant is a bit 'off' but I have books now with the animals and reptiles I would like to include.  We were taught in class to try tell a story with an artwork, makes painting even more fun.

Sorry I did not manage to do all 29 days of the faces challenge, I just took too much other stuff on - but I did enjoy trying and meeting some of the other wonderful artists along the way.


  1. Two lovely faces. Don't feel too bad about not finishing. 29 faces is a big ask I only just made it myself to my great surprise.

  2. Oh my, I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get back, this is the VERY 1ST TIME I have completed the Challenge, you have done so well, it is so much fun just taking part, took me 3 attempts to get close & even then I posted late LOL! I love your work, delicate & beautiful!