Tuesday, 11 March 2014

This weeks Art Classes.

Its a VERY rare occurance, I am up-to-date with my art classes for the week (well, aside from the few I have to go back too).  All good fun and all different challenges.  Above is this weeks Lifebook class with Tam and Gracie, its the 'Tree of Life' with how I would 'like' to look, I think the only similarity is the hair really.

Next up is one of my pastel girls from the FACEcinating Girls class..
This one I did on mixed media paper, it is all about finding what suits you best, not so sure this is it - going to try some pastel paper next, but I do enjoy working with pastels.

Finally the weeks work for the 'Obsessions' club with Gulfsprite, this month is all about layers - something I have been taught for years, but do enjoy this form of teaching and results, I have also learnt about a lot of medium's I knew nothing about and have some great things on order to play with.  Here is my finished painting for week 1..
I do enjoy these on-line classes, sometimes find it very hard to keep up though - which is my own fault for taking so many, and I also have to try fit some of my own creation in too so I can remember my own styles.
Sad that FACEcinating Girls has finished now (well for me, still there for anyone else of course) - but the good news is Andrea has a new course on Art Journalling starting on March 23rd, just how exciting is that? Yes, of course I have signed up -couldnt miss out now could I? this course is to learn about Art Journal techniques used by Andrea Gomoll, so should be fabulous.

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