Saturday, 22 March 2014

A longer Obsession

Not had an awful lot of free time of late to enjoy the art space.  But managed a few hours yesterday and today.  I am still really loving the discovery of soft pastels, the above painting was done over mixed media background, which I really enjoyed.  Due to my lack of lighting just now I have been studying the art of pastels during the evening, who knew there was just so much to learn? Its fascinating.
I am still enjoying the Obsessions Club with 'Gulfsprite' too - its the only thing I can keep up with right now as its three short stages per week for each painting, which is great for me to both keep up with and learn to slow down a bit, I always want to finish things straight away, I still need to learn to take more time.
Also working in a very cheap journal, which is standing up to a lot of paint etc, simply by learning to 'dry' each layer more thoroughly, another good lesson learnt.  As of course always seems to be easier to let go without the fear of wasting good paper.  This is a large watercolour pad from 'the works' that cost me all of £2.99, i bought 4 of them just before Christmas, gave one to my friend and have the others to 'play' in, all good.

Its my birthday in a few weeks, on my list I have a 'daylight lamp' to help with my lighting probs - and of course, some pastels and nice pastel paper/board - fingers crossed, if not a lottery win would be real good please:)

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