Friday, 7 March 2014

Pastel Pencils

Now, oil pastels I have tried - and enjoyed using.  But soft pastels, not really (aside from a Reeves set which dont really count do they? enough to put anyone off) so for the bonus lesson in the FACEcinating Girls Class I invested in a set of pastel pencils and had a try above, this is my first try and I quite like them, so much so I have ordered a set of Conte soft pastels to go with them.  I find the blending far easier than other media and it helps me to learn what its all about.

I tried another one today, not as keen on the placement of her features but again enjoyed the shading.
Still struggling a bit for precious art time, so the pastels are very good for that - dont have drying time, or sorting out clean water and pallets.


  1. Pastel pencils sound good. I have never used them. Have you tried PanPastel's?

  2. Thanks Fuzzie, no not used PanPastel I found them to be very expensive. My new pastels have just (this minute) arrived, so hope to be able to play with them soon.