Sunday, 30 March 2014

Soft Pastel - so much to learn...

Wow, who would have thought there was just so much to learn on the soft pastel? it is an amazing study, and I do have some of the best books to aid me.  I am currently working through "The Pastel Book, by Bill Creevy"  this one is highly recommended on many Pastel information sites and I must say it is a very informative read.
I have started trying to learn about different papers and pastes. and about layers - still not quite getting it though as I would like my paintings to be richer in colour.  I always have had this big problem about wanting to 'run' before I can 'walk'.
Also a large list of tools to help which I had no idea about, and other mediums to add - not tried that yet.
I quite like my latest piece, and it has taken me a fair few days to achieve.. so again I am learning to take more time which is a good thing.