Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Introducing Paint Palette Polly's

Very Happy to be introducing my new series called 'Paint Palette Polly's'.  Above is a picture of my first four prints soon to be on sale in my Etsy store.  I intend to do another 96 in total, this may take some time.  At present I have decided just to sell them as 'prints' and to keep hold of the originals.
The Polly's came to be as a result of my Gulfsprite art class introducing us to Robert Burridge and his fabulous flowers, this is how I came to do my first flowers in his style, from using my paper as a paint palette and taking it from there.  I used acrylic paper as a palette first.  I was playing about on one of my palette's and my first face appeared there in the same style.  I was going to call the collection 'Recycled Rita's' but there was already that name and Etsy store out there... so I went to my art group 'Art 101' and asked for help, there was some great idea's came about but my favourite was from artist 'Jolie Raimondo' who had the idea for 'Paint Palette Polly'.
I have also 'finally' got around to making a print of this one, done in one of my art classes with Christy Sobolewski at Gulfsprite.  This too will be added to my shop soon as a print.
Its Mums birthday next week, so I have painted this one for her, its also glittery so hoping that works in the frame (yet to be purchased).
I have manage to do all my photo's (and soon to do the draft listings) today as I managed to hurt my hand yesterday painting in a smaller style, its not a great photo but this is the first time I have ever managed anything half decent in a small size, I am 'thinking' of calling her 'Postcard Polly' and maybe doing a few more if my hand recovers, I have some smaller brushes on the way so that might help me not grip so much.. all still a learning curve over 3 years later.
Thank you to Iris for her recent encouragement and to Julia who always takes time to support and comment on my Facebook Page.


  1. LOVE your paint palette polly's!! Lynda this is just so awesome! You're totally developing your own unique style. Really like their faces, clothes and what you're doing with dividing the backgrounds.

  2. I like them all but I'm especially drawn to the last face. It's lovely...

  3. Lovely ladies! :)

  4. What an interesting development. I know from experience that using a good background as a paint palette does work to get you make more work. For me also the result of a painting class (with Diane Culhane). This looks like a very good step making lots of these. I hope to see where this will lead you. Good luck with your Paint Palette Polly's!