Monday, 24 February 2014

29 faces challenge 23 & 24

For more information on the wonderful 29 faces challenge see Here

Yesterday (23) I had a play with my coloured pencils, while I await the arrival of my treasured Prismacolor which are not due till Friday, which is I might add 5 WHOLE DAYS away - not that I am impatient or anything (much).  As you can tell my blending leaves a lot to be desired here, hope I do better with the new ones.

Today, day 24.. is just a sketch..
..but is inspired by a wonderful local artist called 'Steven Speight' who can be found HERE I just love Steven's art, and can hardly wait for his lesson in this years Lifebook.  Hope he doesnt mind, I did try to make the girl not totally like his (LOL, in my dreams anyway) I love his style and might even have a go at giving one some colour.. though might just ask him first:)

Today I am hoping to get on with my watercolor face, I have put on the first layer of colour, but time restrictions mean I am a bit slow with this one, still loving my class though and finding working with watercolour amazing.


  1. Great faces Lynda! I tried to leave a comment on another one of your posts and I couldn't???? Google n Blogger Blunders, lol!