Monday, 3 February 2014

29 Faces Challenge - Day 3

I am really enjoying this, and mostly the great company I am in with others who enjoy drawing faces.  Before I go on, do take a look at everyone else's fantastic work in the challenge by clicking on this Linky
Today's face is another from my 'teach manga' book, this is a Zombie girl.. as you see I cannot do Manga eyes for anything so just do my own features.  Will go have a look around the other faces now, I have been working through the numbers so will do the last third today, then hopefully start again working through tomorrow.
Again, thank you to those who take the time to visit me, and love the comments.


  1. She looks so thoughtful. Lynda. I wonder what she is thinking about? x

  2. I love her - can't wait to see your next girl! Isn't this fun! :))

  3. I think she is a girl I would like to hang out with, love those 'stitches'. Manga University has (I think) a free app for the iPhone. I have it and it is excellent.

  4. Your zombie-girl is so cute, and I love the other faces you've made so far!