Tuesday, 11 February 2014

29 Faces Challenge, Days 10 & 11

I'm still going!!! For anyone who does not know, you can read all about the 29 Faces Challenge Here

Yesterday was a rather poor sketch in my sketchbook, weird how some days are considerably better than others LOL.  Mostly Graphite with a touch of fleshtone pencil over.

Today is another from my FACEcinating Girls on-line course - loving the course..
This one is mixed media, watercolour crayon, pencil, acrylic paints and inks.

Loving watching all the other entries, there is an awful lot of talent out there, dont forget to follow the link and take a look.


  1. That guy has a really expressive face. Love the softness of the colours in the second one ...

  2. Great sketch of a male face! I find male faces very difficult to do well. Yours is realy good!!