Saturday, 8 February 2014

29 faces challenge day 7 & 8

Oh dear, I am getting behind and I was doing so well.  Here we are on day 8 of the 29 faces challenge you can read more about and see more fab artists taking part HERE

Above is my day 7, this is another from the FACEcinating Girls class were I am 'slowly' learning to do portrait facing girls, as you see I do still need plenty more practice.  Luckily this is the beginning of week 3, there is still all of that weeks lessons and another week to go, and plenty more practice from me so room for improvement.
Being short on time, day 8 is just a graphite sketch done in my sketchbook - I do these all the time, these are just faces from my imagination no reference photo or guide just my practicing features and shapes, I decided she looked better without my ruining her with hair so left her be.

Hoping to make a start on my watercolour class tomorrow so might have something new to blog about aside just the challenge, so that might even be 2 blogs in one day - no promises though:)


  1. I think it's the posting rather than the faces that makes me miss every deadline LOL... I'm behind too, these are great, just keep it up you'll get there!

  2. I agree with Sunshineshelle, if I committed myself to posted everyday I would NEVER make it.. Posting once a week is handier for me as it leaves rooms for me to post about all my other art adventures the rest of the week! lol!
    I really like day 8, she looks likes she has a story to tell. Her mouth is done very well :)

  3. thank you ladies. Good point, it is the blog bit I find hard to keep up with, but not being too hard on myself if I miss a day.

  4. I love your faces - they always have so much personality! I especially love your profile drawing - great work!

  5. Thank you Lindsay, you are very kind.