Sunday, 16 February 2014

29 faces challenge - day 16

All watercolour again - I am really enjoying my time with this new (to me) medium.  I have also got behind again as along with the new medium my lessons are also teaching painting flowers, never done that before and I am really enjoying it, I have found many books with pictures for me to paint and some 'how to' books to study.
I did the above face over the watercolour background I was playing with, just couldnt help myself, there is some pencil work in there too, new pencils are on my wish list now.. thinking it may well be time to invest in the prismacolor.. just finding which ones to invest in is the problem.

Thank you to those who took the time to visit and comment, much appreciated.  I am struggling at the moment with being 'ignored' on-line, I know I should not be so sensitive but in 'certain' areas finding it quite hurtful............. yes, I need to grow a thicker skin.


  1. Very pretty watercolor background! And lovely job on the hair!

    I find the best way to make friends online, is to be a friend online. That means lots of visiting and commenting. But not everyone will be available to visit back, and some people simply don't seem to visit at all. But if you continue to do challenges like this one, eventually you will meet a nice little group of like-minded blogging folks and you'll have some regular visitors. But it can take a long time! And it also takes effort, and sometimes that effort is not repaid. But you gotta stick with it because that's really the only way it works. Good luck!

    You might want to check out Paint Party Friday, a once-a-week art blog sharing event. Lots of friendly folk there!

  2. This is a great face. My face for today is my first all watercolour face. I usually work in acrylic.

  3. Hello lynda, I really like your rainbow background and soft watery features, you have done a great job being so new to the medium!

  4. Thanks all, thank you for advice Cindy - realized after I didnt actually mean here on my blog, what had upset me was a 'community' I was involved in that suddenly just started ignoring my posts etc, I am used to chatting to myself here LOL. Off to visit your faces now.

  5. Great work, love the soft colours.