Monday, 10 February 2014

Learning Watercolour

I am having a break from faces posts today, not from faces of course (that never happens).  I have been catching up with course work, I think I just 'might' have taken on a bit too much.  My new work book for my watercolour course arrived today, I have done a few practice pages but not started the first actual exercise as yet as I wanted them altogether in one book, I did purchase a nice watercolour book but Christy advised one of these to begin with, its a Canson Mixed Media A3, with 30 pages or 60 if you use both sides, helps take away the 'paper fear' factor, great idea for me.  So, I just had to decorate the front...

This great course, which has already taught me more about watercolour than I imagined, can be found here.  Its called 'Obsessions' and of course this month its watercolour, there is to be a new topic each month - I think I would be happy with 12 months of watercolour.

I am also behind in my FACEcinating Girls course, and still not watched this weeks Lifebook video, and its Jane Davenport this week another of my fave teachers.

Hope to be back with the faces tomorrow.............. oh, and if anyone is interested I STILL dont have my car back!!!!!!!!

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