Thursday, 20 February 2014

29 faces challenge days 19 & 20

For yesterday's face its just one in the sketchbook I'm afraid, I do try to at the very least manage a graphite face each day.
Today is one from my watercolour class, it is an 'abstract' face that I had a lot of fun creating.
Certainly something different, I am trying to work on my eye shaping a bit more never seem to get them 'quite' right.


  1. Great faces Lynda! Eyes are hard for me too. I realized that they never seem to be identical on both sides, so I looked at mine in the mirror and mine aren't either. That made me feel a little better :) I hope you are having lots of fun with this 29Faces Challenge. I know I am. Keep on drawing and have a great weekend.

  2. You have a very own style to draw faces. Beautiful graphit drawings.

  3. A nice watercolor abstract...and you get AA+ for having so much fun making it.

  4. Thanks Marilyn, very kind of you.