Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Art Swap? not me, no way!

I am a member of far too many Art Groups, but I do enjoy them (just struggle to keep up).  One of the things I have never done is take part in one of the 'Art Swaps' as of course, I am not good enough right? (we all think that).  The lovely ladies in Lifebook UK, organised a napkin swap (for those who dont know, we use those in mixed media). Great I though, I can manage that.. so signed on the dotted line.....
Then, Pam suggested we turn it into an art swap and decorate our envelopes so they can be reused and sent out to others in the group, cue feeling of sickness and panic!!  Too late now, I signed up!! So.. here it is, side one (above) and side two (below) and I had great fun doing it too. So, a big thank you to Pam, and in future I might just sign up for more.
Will certainly wake up my post mistress when I take it in..

Before I go, I must apologise for lack of comments on blogs - for some reason good ol' blogger is telling me I am not following anybodies blog? I thought they would come back but its been a few days now, hoping this is just a fault (again) and they will return soon.  Or if anyone knows the fix for this please let me know.

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